About Us


HDOR virtual events and fitness challenges are organized by Gateway Software Solutions Pvt Ltd (GSS). Founded in 2010, GSS offers wide range of services to help companies deliver best online customer experience with shortest go to market time, as well as managing customer experience 24×7.

The execution of all HDOR events is supported and driven by a group of enthusiastic runners, who are part of the core team at HDOR. We are proud to be the pioneers in the virtual events space, organizing such events since 2015 when virtual events were unheard of.

Our flagship running event, 100 Days of Running, is the fastest growing event in the virtual running space, with 13,000+ registered participants in the 2019 edition.

In 2019, we organized our first virtual cycling event, the Bergamont Tour De 100 – a 5 stage cycling challenge spread over 100 days.

We are also the first to organize a virtual race with leaderboard, podium, and awards with the HDOR Freedom Run, on Aug 15th, 2019.

In 2020, we have diversified our event portfolio and introduced new and innovative events across the year.

Our Awesome Events

As part of HDOR Fitness platform, we have many interesting events you can participate in from our Virtual Run Series and our Fitness Challenges